Day One: I write because…

Why do I write? I write because I feel like I can’t hold my feelings towards things within myself. I feel like everything and everyone has a say in things and what better way to put myself out there than by starting a blog. Blogging is one of my newer hobbies as for some reason all my “feminine” hobbies (knitting, sewing, scrapbooking, watercoloring etc.) Just weren’t enough. I wish that even 2 people can read it, understand where I’m coming from. Continue reading



I walk out onto the porch, to find sugar crystallising in sheets and cones along my¬†door frame. The ground feels like moss under my boots, a comforting ‘pff‘ with every step I take. I find the children playing out front, making piles of giant marshmallows, a carrot sticking out of the top. Steaming air warms my chin, the mug, my hands, as I take small sips of rivers of chocolate delight.


Welcome hugs?

Hi there. So I kind of want to start off with this just to welcome you all to my blog. I know this isn’t the most advanced-moneymaking-prettythemed type of blogs, but it’s kind of writing my journey, as I can’t keep up with diaries [seriously, you know how may 3 filled pages of nothing I have?] I kind of just want to put my thoughts out there and seeing what other people have to say about them. They can be either social issues, or rants, or just anything really. I hope I’ll be able to update soon.

See you!